Skinker-DeBaliviere is an area rife with history, dating back to the 18th century. Besides the nearby Missouri History Museum and Grace Methodist Church, it was the original survey site for Forest Park. Another Missouri original, Old Town St. Charles was, as the highway exit signs recall, Missouri’s First Capital, albeit temporarily. Its riverfront area is the largest historic district in the state, with many shops and buildings dating back to the early 1800s. St. Louis Place also has its place in the city’s history; while many of its buildings were neglected over the years, some of its former glory remains at locations like Zion Lutheran Church. It’s also home to the Griot Museum of Black History and Culture. Lafayette Park was dedicated in 1851 as the first public park in the City of St. Louis. The 30-acre park had been set aside from the St. Louis Common Grounds in 1836. It is considered by many to be the oldest public park west of the Mississippi River.

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Usual Suspects: St. Charles, Downtown, Soulard
And Don’t Forget: Skinker-DeBaliviere, Lafayette Square, St. Louis Place