Forest Park Southeast is the ideal spot for city dwellers seeking a central spot close to lots of greenery. With access to Forest Park and Tower Grove Park, as well as the Missouri Botanical Garden, the essential trifecta is all within a five- to 10-minute walk. St. Charles and St. Peters alone have a combined 41 parks. “As you move throughout these communities in St. Charles County, you can find these little pockets of green space all over,” says Charlene Waggoner, president of Greenway Network, Inc., a grass-roots group dedicated to preserving natural resources. Webster Groves boasts 17 parks packed into 5.9 square miles; most every one has a playground, but some include trails, pools, and even an ice arenas. Sunset Hills has eight parks with every basic amenity, plus sand volleyball, hiking trails, a public pool, and a nine-hole Frisbee-golf course, as well as Laumeier Sculpture Park. On the other side of the county, Hazelwood has 16 parks that include outdoor swimming, fishing, and an 18-hole Frisbee-golf course. If you are a park lover or an outdoors type these could be the communities for you!

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