Certain areas stand at the vanguard of vogue. In recent years, empty-nesters and young professionals have flocked to these areas, where high-end condos rose for many years. In the CWE, modern 4545 Lindell towers over turn-of-the century mansions, and Maryland Plaza’s high-end shopping is down the street from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center. Farther east, history meets new housing in the Gaslight Square development and brand-new 3949 Lindell moves toward connecting the Central West End with midtown. Clayton’s also seen noticeable additions, including DeMun Pointe and The Crescent, with other largescale projects like Trianon. Washington Avenue in downtown, of course, has undergone a 180!  Homes in Frontenac and Ladue, where the average price hovers above $650,000, boast a string of high-end stores at nearby Plaza Frontenac and more.

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Usual Suspects: Central West End, Clayton, Downtown
And Don’t Forget: Frontenac, Ladue