Buying and Selling with The Realty Shop:


As an industry professional in Saint Louis Metro for over 10 years now, I have learned that selling real estate in today's technology-driven market place is no longer something that can be accomplished by one agent acting alone. It takes a commitment to having a team in place that knows their area of expertise better than anyone else in order to satisfy the demands of today's buyer or seller in this competitive market place.

That’s why, after many years in this industry, I have created The Realty Shop. I have assembled a team of the most talented realtors, technology specialists, and back-office services team in order to work with our clients. At every step of the way, our customers are working with an expert.

Our team knows that today's customer expects what they want, when they want it, so we have designed a complete infrastructure for rapid, high quality response to your questions, and sophisticated marketing programs that reach buyers for our customers that are selling their homes as well.

We've written extensively about our competitive advantages for people here on this website. Contact us anytime we are ready to help you make your next move!

Our Culture

Come start your great life with the Realty Shop!

What We Stand For

Our Customer

Industry standard isn't good enough, find out why we reject the average and go for customer-focused first approach.

Real Professionals and Professionalism

In an industry where over 70 percent of agents leave the business in less than 2 years, we are a team of professionals that stand out above the rest.

Specialty and Expertise

Why do most agents try to be everything to everybody? We hire and develop expertise, so you always work with the best for you.

Leader and Practitioners

Our leader and team is involved in every aspect of the business. Don't be surprised if you call in and we can assist your needs and rise to the occasion.

Our Brand, Our Promise

If we make you a promise, we stand by our commitment to our brand and our customers.


Real estate isn’t renown for being at the cutting edge – so we innovate our own technology to make it right for you.


When our clients speak, we listen